Formatting Text

Here at ScrumDo we use Markdown to render a lot of the text you see on the site. Because of that, there are some special things you can do within your stories to format them.

Line Breaks

To insert a line break, type two spaces at the end of a line and hit enter.

Bold and italic

  • To format something as italic, surround it with asterisks: *This is italic*
  • To format something as bold, surround it with double asterisks: **This is bold**


To create a heading, prefix the line with one or two #'s
#This is a heading
##This is a sub heading


To format code, type four spaces before the line.

    for x in my_list:
        print x


To create a bulleted list, enter a blank line, then start the next with an asterisk.

(blank line)
* Bulleted item #1  
* Bulleted item #2

Numbered lists are similar:

(blank line)
1. Numbered Item #1  
2. Numbered Item #2

Block Quotes

You can quote a large body of text by prepending > to the lines.

> Here is a long block quote that will
> all be quoted together.

Example story

The following is a screenshot from ScrumDo showing what the formatting options mentioned above look like.
Example Story